Naagin 3 (Awesome TV) | Sinopsis Drama Hindi

Naagin 3 (Awesome TV) | Sinopsis Drama Hindi

Drama : Naagin 3
Siaran : Awesome TV
Mula Tayangan : 20 Oktober 2022
Masa : Isnin-Khamis | 4.00 Petang

Saksikan drama Hindi Naagin 3 yang bersiaran mulai 20 Oktober 2022, setiap isnin hingga jumaat pukul 4:00 petang di Awesome TV saluran Astro 123 atau MyTV 112.

Pelakon Drama Naagin 3

  • Rakshanda Khan sebagai Sumitra
  • Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal
  • Pavitra Punia as Poulomi Roy
  • Puneett Chouksey as Aditya Sehgal
  • Mithil Jain as Pratham Sehgal
  • Ankit Mohan sebagai Yuvraj Sehgal
  • Sakshi Pradhan sebagai Raavi Saluja
  • Kushabh Manghani sebagai Karan

Sinopsis Drama Naagin 3

Naagini membawa kembali legasi kuasa, semangat dan dendamnya.Perkahwinan Icchadhari Naag dan Naagini dicemari oleh sekumpulan anak muda yang mabuk. Kekejaman itu mengakibatkan kematian Naag.

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Naagin 3 (Awesome TV) | Sinopsis Drama Hindi

Sinopsis Penuh Naagin3

Ichhadhaari Naag-Naagin couple Ruhi and Vikrant reunite after 100 years after getting their human forms and they are set to marry each other. However, Yuvraj and his friends molest Ruhi. Yuvraj shoots Vikrant leading to his death. Ruhi is distraught but she vows to return for revenge with a new identity as Vikrant made her keep a promise that her identity should stay disclosed from humans.

6 months later

Vishakha, an Ichhadhaari Naagin pretending to be a rich investor named Vish Khanna arrives at the house of the murderers and attempts to kill Yuvraj, but he manages to survive. Mahir, the eldest son of the family, is compelled to marry Bela who is revealed to be Ruhi's new identity. Vishakha is revealed to Bela's friend. Bela is later crowned as the Naagrani of Sheshnaag clan. Bela falls in love with Mahir much to Vishakha's dismay. Vikrant is revealed to be alive and was plotting his fake death with his mother Sumitra - Naagrani of Nidhog clan to attain Naagmani. Yuvraj is also a naag and Sumitra's son, who was also a part of the plan. When Bela learns about this, she is heartbroken and devastated. Vishakha joins Vikrant for Naagmani, but later she regrets and joins Bela back. Vikrant leaves his mother's evil plans and joins hands with Bela. Vikrant accepts Vishakha's love and they get married. On finding out the truth about Bela's identity, Mahir is shattered. He loses his memory and forgets Bela after Sumitra bites him.

6 months later

Bela uses Naagmani to bring back Mahir's memories and they consummate their relationship. Sumitra seeks help from Hukkum who tries to impregnate Bela to give birth to a demon child. Vishakha kills Yuvraj, she takes Bela's place and gives birth to Taamsi, who grows up in a matter of seconds and kills Hukkum. Bela reveals to Mahir that she is pregnant with their child. Taamsi kills Bela, Mahir and obtain Naagmani but it is cursed by Mahanaagrani Shivangi, who survived the attack on her and since then has disappeared.

25 years later

Bela reincarnates as Shravani and Mahir reincarnates as Mihir, they unite with each other. Vikrant is killed by Taamsi and Sumitra. Learning about Shivangi's story, Shravani tricks Ritik and Rocky to the temple, calls Shivangi who is now Mahanaagrani to remove the curse of Naagmani. Yamini, who didn't die, returns to buy Naagmani but is killed by Shivangi once again and sent to hell. It is revealed how it was Shesha who survived the attack, killed Shivangi in the form of Rocky and Ritik as she is the Naagrani of the two-headed naagin clan, ku-sarp clan. Shesha reveals her past that her mother fell in love with the king of ku-sarp clan and she was born. Her father was killed by Sheshnaag clan and her mother was banished from there. Shivanya didn't know about this and Shesha didn't wanted to attack Sheshnaag clan because of Shivanya, but when she went against Shivanya she went against Sheshnaag clan too. Shesha planted her doppelganger to trick Shivangi and Rocky, then killed Shivangi in one of her ku-sarp form so that Suryavanshi clan ends. Ritik was still alive but was trapped under the basement of the temple for not accepting Shesha's love and she later trapped Rocky there too for the same reason. Ritik and Rocky are rescued by Mihir. Shravani successfully acquires Naagmani from Sumitra and Shivangi removes its curse. Free from their guilt, Ritik dies and unites with Shivanya, while Rocky and Shivangi start a new life together. Shravani kills Sumitra, Taamsi and Shesha. Naagmani is declared to be safe for the next 50 full moons and post that Shravani's responsibility of taking care of Naagmani will be over. Shravani marries Mihir and they consummate their marriage. Vishakha is also revealed to be a two-headed naagin (ku-sarp), who since the beginning was betraying Bela/Shravani. She vows to get the Naagmani after 50 full moon nights.

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